Dominate Your Customer Acquisition Strategy 

Simple, Powerful, and Affordable Marketing Attribution for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

HappyTrack Dashboard

People-Based Attribution

Get to know your best customers across all your digital marketing channels

See Everything

Gain Clarity

Cut through the noise. See exactly how your customers are introduced to your brand, and the path they take from awareness through conversion.

Learn Quickly

Learn Quickly

Learn which channels work best for prospecting, retargeting, and conversion. See how your channels work together to convert users into customers.

Grow With Confidence

Grow With Confidence

When you know where your conversions and revenue is coming from, you can invest in a growth strategy that works smarter, not harder.

A Single Source of Truth

Independently track and analyze your multi-channel digital marketing strategy and understand your true cost of acquiring a customer. It’s time to take back control of your marketing spend.

HappyTrack Feature One
HappyTrack Feature Two

All In One Place

Measure all your customer’s visits, conversions, and revenue, broken down by channel. You’ll have your most important marketing data at the tip of your fingers. 

Automatically Works With Your Existing Channels and Stores

Channels and Stores

Down To The User

Get to know every customer’s journey through your marketing strategy. Segment your top users to see which channels are most lucrative for prospecting, education, and conversion.

Happytrack Feature Three
HappyTrack Feature Four

Actionable Insights

Learn which channels work the best together, and how many touchpoints it takes to capture, nurture and convert your best customers.  

It’s About Time People

These days, successful marketing is less about connecting with ad platforms, and more about connecting with the human story. We’ve all shifted from largely shared experiences to consuming entertainment and commerce in profoundly unique ways. But as a savvy marketer, you already know this. Your marketing strategy is as unique as your customers, and spans across many channels and platforms that must work together to educate, nurture, and convert your users into great customers. HappyTrack was built to help foster and strengthen the many connections you make with your users, so you can be a better marketer.  

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